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Pick Pico is your annual neighborhood street fair!

History of Pick Pico

It started in 2012 as an all-weekend event.  Instead of a street fair, most of the businesses along Pico celebrated by offering discounts, giveaways, and special events like tie-dying and live music.


Take a look at Pick Pico 2015!

In 2014 we expanded Pick Pico into an annual event, and it was successful beyond our wildest dreams.  We expected 400-600 visitors, but well over 2500 turned out!  Last year, in 2015, we had over 4000.  Thanks for supporting your neighborhood's vibrant business and artistic community last year - we've gotten an even bigger and better event planned for Pick Pico 2016.


You can learn about Pick Pico on this site, or like us at the WNC Facebook page.

Pick Pico success stories

The best way to have a successful experience at Pick Pico 2015 is to create an interactive experience for visitors.  This could mean giveaways, interactive experiences (like a chair massage, games, tie dye, etc), offering goods for sale, or any other great idea you might have.  To give you some ideas, here are some of the more successful booths from Pick Pico 2014:

Last year this restaurant offered free samples to visitors, and for the extra-hungry, they had full meals for sale.  This gave everyone a chance to get a taste of their great cuisine, while creating an opportunity for the restaurant to recoup cost by making real sales.


It's hot in June, most vendors ran out of water early - be sure to stock up on cool beverages!

Imprint Revolution continued their Pick Pico tradition of interactive tie-dye fun.  Visitors could tie dye a shirt for just two bucks!


This was especially popular with families with kids.


In 2015 Imprint will expand the tie dye options, and they'll also be selling the official Pick Pico 2015 t-shirts.

Jaxx took the opportunity to display some of their more popular items at Pick Pico.


This can be a great way to introduce yourself to the community, or even make some sales!

Palms Park Recreation Center put up a blinko board - winners were given the opportunity to squirt the activities director with a water gun.


This was a great chance to share all the great programs available at the park.




Can you think of some fun interactive ideas to show off your organization?

UCLA Health System kept us all hydrated at Pick Pico 2014 by donating bottled water.


They kept it fun with a "wheel of fortune" that you could spin to win fun giveaways.


UCLA Health also kept us cool by providing fans in the Pick Pico goodie bags that went to the first 500 people who attended. 


Come early this year to get your bag before they run out!

Pick Pico Business Info

  • Pick Pico is FREE to all businesses, but

  • Businesses must have at least one person manning their table during the event

  • We will provide, for free:

    • Tables

    • Chairs

    • Umbrellas to block the sun

    • A link from to your business website

  • It’s a street fair designed to re-acquaint the neighborhood with their local businesses

  • Pick Pico 2014 had over 2000 attendees of all ages, we expect more in 2015

Pick Pico Business Tips

  • We recommend businesses consider:

    • Giving away samples and/or selling their goods

    • Creating an interactive table (see the website for ideas)

    • Create a special pickpico page on their website, post to Instagram and FB with hash tag #pickpico

  • Sign up no later than May 8 (but tables will be assigned on a first-come, first serve basis)

  • Info, ideas, and photos are available below (see Pick Pico success stories), or contact us at the WNC for ideas

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